Falling Behind On Mortgage Payments? A Loan Modification May Get You Back On Track.

Falling behind on mortgage payments is a frightening prospect that occurs to many homeowners. A job loss, unexpected medical bills and a host of other circumstances can make it difficult to make ends meet.

And if you have fallen behind, it is difficult to catch up. Spending an additional thousands of dollars to make up for missed payments is not within the budget for most people. It is at this stage that foreclosure becomes a real possibility.

Experience And Know-How In Obtaining Loan Modifications

In some cases, it may be possible to stay in your home and avoid foreclosure. This can be done through a loan modification or refinancing. Your lender may be willing to add late or missed payments to the end of the loan, for example, which can be a cheaper alternative for them than foreclosing in any case.

However, banks can be reluctant to discuss loan modifications. Many homeowners have difficulty getting a straight answer or even knowing who they should be talking to.

We Can Help

Weber, Fabiyan & Associates, LLC, is an established residential real estate law firm with a significant history of success in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure throughout New Jersey and New York. Our lawyers have worked with banks throughout the tri-state area.

Obtaining a loan modification is different with every lender. We have the practical knowledge gained from helping thousands of homeowners with loan modifications, short sales and other foreclosure avoidance options with banks and lenders throughout New Jersey and New York.

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